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He’s so Tall Getting Dick down by Bae

|My bae came came over before he went to work and gave me some amazing dick he so big tall and strong and he knows how to handle all of my juicy body.. I had on a different outfit but he wanted me to put on this one lol. We smoked and one thing led to another words can’t describe just look!| Videotimelength:17 minutes

Giving Him A Face Stuffing!!

|My sexy RedBone Freak came over. He had been wanting to eat this juicy ass for a minute and I didn’t let him because he pissed me off giving me my home girl his good dick behind my back!! So I couldn’t resist him and I let him eat this big booty and swallow my juicy meat until 💦💦

He loves to suck on my juicy dick and my fat Ass!!|

Videotimelength: 10 minutes

My Hairy Freaky Bottom Boy!

|My hairy bttm boy came over and wanted to get fucked really good I let him suck my dick then I sucked his and I fucked him.the he came all over my face!!| Videotimelength: 18 minutes

LusciousKimberly Takes Nude Beach Part 1

|My 1st time ever going to a nude beach!! I had so fun making this video! I got there later then what was

Planned. It was really hot and it was way more people then expected, but I still manage to do the video regardless of everything that was going on and how many people were watching me! I wanted the video to be more intimate and longer for you guys but I had issues with photography unfortunately. But this will be the 1st to many more to come make sure you guys tell me if you like seeing me do videos like this.| Videotimelength: 5 minutes

Dread Head Gives Me A Good Black Dicking!

|This Choclate Dread Head pulled up. he told me he was gonna dig in my juicy booty and make me feel that dick. I sucked his big black dick up then he gave me some head so good he had me throbbing to feel his big dick!! He pulled my dress up bent me over and beat this pussy up i tried run from his dick but he made me take it until he nuted.| Videotimelength: 9 minutes

I put this Big Body Bens and 10 in on him He couldn’t hold that Nut

|One of my plugs for weed told me he randomly ran across one of my videos and he couldn’t believe my ass is so soft Ovcourse he knew my Ass was Fat!!!! Lmaooo! he told me he wanted to give me some real dick and he could fuck me better than any guy he seen fuck me on PornHub. I let him come through. His big dick got hard as soon as I opened the door in my see through Red Slutty Dress.. he started caressing my Luscious Body and kissing my Juicy Fat Lips he laid down and I Put this Big Body Bens on top of him and he felt my Hard 10in dick and nuted before he could even fuck me lol. He was so mad!! Part2 soon| Videotimelength: 6 minutes

I Give The BEST HEAD!!!! Smoke then We Fucked

|Sexy tall Hood Nigga came over to my hotel room!! He didn’t want to waste anytime he was ready to feel my juicy lips so we got straight into it. I pulled out his big Black dick and sucked it my mouth was so wet from him fucking my throat.! Then he grab the camera and started recording from his POV. His dick was so big in my juicy booty he fucked me so deep!| Videotimelength: 17 minutes

Getting to Much Dick In my Deep Throat

|OMG!!!! This is the biggest dick I have had in a minute. My old fuck buddy came to my room to get some of My Amazing Sloppy toppy.. I Filled that big fat dick all in my deep throat and sucked it so wet he started giving me some good head on my bbc sucked me all over the room and made me cum hard.| Videotimelength: 19 minutes

To much dick in our throats.Face Fucked Him!

|My Horny Chico wanted to suck My Big Black Dick Booty and to suck my 10inch dick. This is not our 1st time meeting. He loves to come please my Bb dick and rub and touch on my soft thick juicy athletic body!!! And Burries his face in my ass!!! and he always makes sure I bust a huge nut.. for some reason he couldn’t take my dick I think he was just nervous because he knew I was recording I fucked a little bit and then i stopped because he was turning red but that’s didnt stop his from wanting to bust all over my dick and then I shot a thick nut right after pappi.| Videotimelength:26 minutes

Sexy Bitch With a Dick Fuffilled His Fantasy

|My regular came over for some freaky discrete fun as always.. I put on a sexy Red dress for him!! I knew he would love it because it had holes in it and he likes to see my big 9inch cock hanging out of my dresses!! He lotioned up my JuicyBody so good and then I sucked his big dick with my juicy fat lips.. I layed down and sucked me really good and we foreplayed until we came together.| Videotimelength:11 minuets

It had been to Long Daddy Wanted Fuck my FAT ASS So BADLY!!

|Chilling with my sexy boo and decided to

Record a little! It’s SO hard for me to record with him because I like his dick so much and we get so into it I can’t focus Lmaooo!I love how he fucks me! he makes love tho this pussy !! But I did the best I could I will record longer next time I see him. I feel so bad I was being selfish and didn’t keep recording but I promise next time I will show until end...| Videotimelength: 12 minutes

Stranger Fucks me @ Hotel while hisGirl sleep across theHall

|I was checking into a hotel late night I had no intentions of doing anything but sleeping for the night but things escalated quick! As I I’m taking my luggage to to my room in my sexy red bodyfitted dress I notice this guy looking at me and then he licks his lips and then winks at me but his girl was standing next to him so he couldn’t say anything to me!! So I get this note slid under my door with his number written on it so I txt him and he tells me it’s his birthday and his girl fell asleep on him and he wanted to have some fun for his birthday! So I sent Him my porn hub link to get him more in the mood and see if he would record!! And he was down ready and not shy at all. He came and let me suck his big dick and then he sucked me big dick so good and then he fucks me so good and made me moan so loud and had me shivering on his dick and taking all of his pipe.| Videotimelength: 29 minuets

Good tight Pussy!! |turnt him out| This is Why guys Love me!

|He wanted me to turn him out so that’s exactly what I did. He rubbed oil all over my sexy thick luscious body and my hard juicy dick!! (I love oil rub downs)He loved this outfit on my body! He was very shy and new to this so he didn’t want to suck me on camera. So I faced him so you guys can Atleast see my juicy ass as he gave me head I didn’t want you guys to miss a thing. I love when a guys sucks me that new to it and scared to do it it makes me want it more! Then I bent over pulled my thong to the side and let him eat my juicy ass as I sucked His juicy dick in 69 position. He talked all this junk about how he was going to fuck me and stroke me and Long dick me better than any guy has ever did and as soon as he got in this good booty for 60 seconds he nuted everywhere.. the condom popped as he was nutting and I thought he nuted in me so I was a little upset but I still wanted to bust my nut so I layed down and let him suck on my beautiful Breast until I nuted everywhere!| Videotimelength: 25 minutes

My Dick Sucking Lips and Fat Ass in Sexy Red Dress!

|Young college boy came over I let him take his time with me! And cater to every need on my body! I put on my sexy Red sheer see through dress with a Red G string!! He wanted to take his time with me and enjoy every inch on my Luscious Body in my sexy dress. He rubbed on my body and my 10in candy stick and he stroked me until I get rock hard and he put my dick in his mouth it felt so good feeling his wet mouth on my dick! I let him suck all my 10in nice and slowly. Then we switched positions and I put his dick in my dsl lips and deep throated his dick sucking and and jacking it. Making sure his head felt my throat. He bends my Fat juicy ass over and eats it like it’s a Fat pussy and then stroked his dick in me fucking me deep until he cums. Then this sexy young freak sucked my juicy Pussy stick and breast until I came all over my stomach.| Videotimelength: 30 minutes

Horny Young Curvy Maid!! Helped him clear that Nut Out!

|Lately I have been getting into role Play. I love dressing in sexy outfits. I think it’s really hot and unique so I decided I wanted to get fucked and sucked on dressed as a sexy maid.. I mean I do clean out the cum out of cocks pretty well so why not! I invited over one of my regular clients over to fulfill my fantasy! I had already had the outfit on when he came in. I handed him the mask then he picks me up and put me on the table. He starts sucking my 10in dick. it felt so good that I had to stop him and suck his dick to show I’m still better than him at sucking dick.. I bent over on the chair and he ate my juicy ass and sucked my dick from the the back making me moan and shake and want his dick more. I sucked his dick until he was ready to fuck me. I bent over doggie style on the edge of the bed and he tore my ass up I took it as much I could and threw this ass back on him. I’m still getting use to his big dick then he took the cam from me and recorded himself cuming all over my ass while I’m shaking it at him. then he Flipped me on my back and sucked on my dick some more and my beautiful breast until I exploded everywhere.| Videotimelength: 25 minutes

White Guy Sucks Then Fuck Me Before Work

|My 4/20 Buddy needed to relieve some heavy cum on my Big Juicy Black ass before he headed into work. I told him sure I can’t turn down his good dick but I needed to relieve some also it’s been while since I busted huge load! Yes he is a white guy(I’m attracted to all races)but he know how to handle this big booty.. I put on a thong so He could waste no time getting to admire my juicy ass while we smoke!! I started sucking his juicy white cock after we smoked he layed me on the bed& gave me some amazing wet head on my 10in chocolate stick I had to keep holding my cum back I love head. I bent over and shook my juicy ass all in his face while he ate this good booty as I moaned uncontrollably.. I stood up and put this Tgirl cock In his mouth more time before he fucked me he bent Me over and start stroking me so Good making me want to take his dick. unfortunately trying get a better view for you guys at one point in video I let him record from his angle when he was close to nutting and he didn’t position it right for you guys to see him fucking me but you can hear everything and then see him nutt all over my ass. After that he layed me down on my back opened my legs and sucked on my beautiful breast until I shot my thick load everywhere.| Videotimelength: 24 minutes

Young Boy 1st time with a Tgirl

|This young boy hit me up and told me he had never been with a Tgirl before and he can’t stop thinking about trying it and watching my videos.. and he wanted to come over and experience his 1st time

With me.. I told him I love being a guys 1st Experience. I got sexy &let him come through.. He came over and told me he was only 19(I’m 23)& he loved my big juicy ass and he wanted to put his dick in me! So I start sucking his dick and and letting him rub on my ass!! I told him he has to play with my 10in to make me want his dick. He didn’t want to touch it at 1st but I started kissing him to warm him up to it. I let him rub all over me and kiss my beautiful body and then He took my bra off and i teased him shaking my ass all in his

Face I sucked his dick some more until he bent me over and fucked me on the edge of bed and nutted in this juicy Round Booty!| Videotimelength: 26 minutes

Santa finally got his Christmas gift big booty Tranny on His Big Dick

|Santa finally got his Christmas gift.. he had been working so hard with getting gifts for everyone that he forgot he forgot he deserved a gift to. He decided he wanted a big booty Tgirl. He came over and I had on a sexy red HOHOHO Christmas outfit to excite his big dick. I wrapped my juicy lips around his dick like it was the best Present ever... Santa rubbed all over my soft Ass then he jacked my big 10 in dick until it was rock hard.. I bent over and He fingered my tight booty to get it open for his big dick. he bent me over slid his dick in me slow and fucked me so good and hard while he kissed my lips as he kept stroking me and making me take his dick.. I got on top and rode Santa’s big juicy dick so he can feel all of this pussy on his dick. he stood me up bent over and and my hands touched the floor and fucked me so hard and deep My legs were shaking I could barley keep my balance and I still took his big dick.. unfortunately my phone died right when he was about to cum and Santa couldn’t hold that nut this ass is to good. I’m his best Christmas gift ever!!!| Videotimelength: 22 minutes

Fucked My home girls man W/ my BigBlackAss&bigblackdickHecouldnt resist Me

|Sexy young boy took all of my 10in dick & then made me cum and then fucked me even harder!! I met him at my homegirls hotel room. he couldn’t help but to tell her he wanted some of me..I kept flaunting this big ass around him glossing up my fat lips teasing him to see if he could resist me because most of her guy friends can’t. He gave in & asked her could he get my # and she gave it to him. he hit me up and told me he wanted to see my beautiful dick sucking lips on his big dick. He told me he loved how they were so glossy and big&juicy.. but he didn’t have any $$. so I told him if I give him this amazing head he has to let me fuck him and plus my homegirl told me how good he takes it. But I wanted to know who has better dick out of us .. he liked how I demanded his boy pussy from him and he wanted to feel these lips but he didn’t want to record it at 1st I had to suck him into doing it. Because I knew I was gone fuck him to good not to capture how good my dick games is getting He told me I’ll let you record but you gota let me fuck the shit out of your big ass after you fuck me. I hesitated but I gave in and said he could have his way with my tight good pussy .. so i let him oil up my round juicy booty 1st to get him horny before I put my 10in dick in him. I fucked him deep and hard on his back he took all the dick and you can hear him telling me he loves my dick then I flipped him over fuck him from the back and he rubbed on my big round brown nipples until he made me shoot everywhere then he waisted no time to bend me over and put his 9 in thick black dick in me and fucked me even harder than I did him making me scream and grab on to my hotel room sheets as I take his dick After I came everywhere guy has ever fucked me this hard and good and made me scream on camera..| videotimelength 20minutes

My Big Chocolate BootyBouncing on pappis Dick!! We forgot something!!

|Met sexy pappi off pornhub.. We sent each other pics and videos and Finally on his night off he came through.. we got so high and wasted that we forgot to us the condom. As soon as he came in he was all over me aggressively rubbing all over my body and smaking my ass. I sucked his dick with my fat lips all glossed up!! Then I made him oil this ass up before he put dick inside me!!! So I couldn’t resist but to suck it again and this time it was so good it made him want to see me cum.. he suck on my breast so hard while I jacked my bb 9in dick.. then he made me bust everywhere!! As soon as I nuted he wasted no time to put his dick in me my dick was bigger than his so I guess he felt he needed to fuck me harder!!! I rode his dick from the front and then backwards and then he fucked me deep until he busted his big load all inside my black juicy booty....| VideoTimelength:29 minutes

I Throat Fucked Him With my 9in Thick Candy Stick!! In my Hooker Dress.

|My secret admirer finally got ahold of me.. He wanted to see this Fat Round Plump Ass Live and swallow my bb dick. Ineeded someone to suck this big candy stick so he came over. I had on a sexy really short hooker dress so he could see every curve on my body when he came in! I let him feel all over my body and suck on my pretty nipples then he got on his knees and sloppy toppied my bbd. I bent over and sucked his dick while my dress rose over my booty a then I face face fucked him until he chocked he turnt me around and ate me out. Then I turnt him over and tried to fuck

Be he couldn’t take this candy stick for long..| Videotimelength:17 minuets

Two Guys Are SomeTimes better than One!!

|I invited two guys over at the same time

I was super horny & 1 guy wasn’t going to satisfy my needs.. I wasted no time making sure I satisfied both of their needs while they both rub and kissed all over my Luscious body! 1of my boos ate me out so good I let him put his big dick in me and he started stroking me all over the bed.| VideoTimeLength:13 minuets 

He Did more than Serve me! He Throat Fucked My Big Dick!

|I Get weed from this guy all the time and I tease him everychance I get. I wold call him one the phone talking sexy & making sexual noises to turn him on everytime i see him make sexual faces to him kiss my fat lips at him and I would bend over sometimes acting like im getting things just to let him see how this fat ass looks bent over. so he finally got curious and gave in and ask me what I I want him to do to me and I and I told him I wanted him to let me suck his dick good. He came through and wanted to try some things with me that I wasn’t expecting from him.| Videotimelength:20minuntes

If You Gone Do it Then Do it All the Way!🍫

|Invited this long dick young chocolate boy. over 2 my room.. He told me he Wanted a to see a thick Tgirl with a big dick!! I finally gave in and he got a chance to get to me and see it for himself!! I started teasing him by dancing infront him shaking my big thick round ass. I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist touching me! He walked up to me and we start kissing and feeling each other’s body! I started sucking his dick. My head game is so cold that he almost nuted so quick. I had to stop him so that he could still give me some good ass head and fuck me good. I love it slow and deep. He nuted all over my ass. Then he made me bust a huge load all over my stomach..| VideoTimeLength: 14Minutes

I let Him Get It The Way He Wanted it! Early Morning

|I was up early Morning and horny.So Invited this guy over! I had no idea how He looked. he came through the door and he was so masculine and sexy my favorite type. I sucked his dick so good I wrapped these beef suckers around his dick as soon as I could then I couldn’t help but to pull my big ass dick out and start stroking it .. he put his big dick in me and fucked me so deep and hard he made me feel every inch of his fucking dick. Then came all over my breast he wanted to make cum off camera because he loves watching me stroke this dick but I show you guys the cum on me from me cumin..| VideoTimeLength:14 minutes

Fucking My White Daddy$!

|Me and my sugar daddy met up at a open sex spot, he told

Me he wanted to get fucked Really good by my big black dick before headed home.. So He got private room at a open sex spot we go to and i fucked Him really good.. he took all 10in of my bbc!! He always takes this big dick wish it would be you taking this dick daddy!| Videotimelength:3minutes

Give me That Tranny Dick Bitch! Fuck Me Like He Supposed To!

|She had been wanting to fuck me for a while. We met in Atl! I kept teasing her and I wouldn’t let her get none. Because I like guys more but I finally gave in and I told her the only way I would do it is if you guys can see also... Her dick was so good and her head was amazing.. we Both oiled are bodies up then I sucked her dick and my mouth got so wet for this big dick OMG it was my best girl on girl experience!! She came all over my round Juicy As. I made it like a live video so you guys can feel like your watching it LIVE| VideoTimeLength:24 minutes

Vers Session with Sexy Dominican Papi

|We were Just getting back from the beach and I needed to get fucked really good and fuck some boy pussy it was his 1st time(Ithink I was to big) nobody can ever take my dick.. so I sucked his beautfil thick cock and let him come all over my face then he suck on my beautiful titts until I busted a huge load everywhere!!| Videotimelength: 9 minutes

When We are Alone part1

|My homegirl and I where in our room shaking our juicy asses and kissing all over each other’s body Having and amazing time we always do that but never thought about being sexual with each other until I got a request. I decided to go down on her 1st and let her see my amazing skills. She never got head from another Tgirl Ovcourse I have. I sucked her so good she decided to return the favor on my BbC her head was so fucking amazing!! OMG and the she bounced my fat ass on her juicy dick. We couldn’t believe we were doing this because we are actually friends!!| Videotimelength: 9 minutes

Imagine waking up to Me In My Sexy White Lingerie!!

|Spent the night with my boo.. and we woke up like this he wanted to see me walk in this see through dress with my big chocolate 🍫 candy stick🍭 around his house!! I sucked his Dick really good and he fucked me on my back and then he made me cum every where and then sucked the nut of his dick.| VideoTime: 19 minutes

Sit Back And Let Me Show You My Skills!

|My friend guy called me and I had been drinking he talked me into letting him come over to my place. I sucked his dick really sloppy with my super soaker lips and made his dick really wet then I turned over and shook my juicy ass and let him cum all over my BigBooty(I was really drunk sucking his big dick)| Videotimelength: 7 minutes

Sucking His Soul Out in My Sexyblack lace dress AMAZING

|I met this guy and he keep staring at me so I asked him did he want my # when we got outside. I Invited him over I sucked his big dick with my pink lip gloss on and lace dress!!! I sucked Him in different positions and I sucked his balls& then he exploded all on my face! The 2nd nut I didn’t see coming!! It Got everywhere.| Videotimelength: 6 minutes

Sucking My neighbors Big Black Dick!! Whole Lots Off Chocolate

|My neighbor came over and I sucked his big black juicy dick I been waiting it so long, then we foreplayed together as we were kissing rubbing touching on each other, then I turned over and shook my fat cakes and he came hard on my big juicy booty.| Videotimelength: 7 minutes

He Needed A Good Fixing!!! This is Why Guys Love Me😘

|I decided late night to go to my friend guy house. he wanted to see if I could really help him get that cum out I sucked that dick the best I could put it deep in my throat I got on the floor so it could go deeper I love sucking it then he bent me over doggy styl and made me take his big juicy dick.| Videotimelength:12 minutes

All This Ass and a Big juicy Dick!! SoloVideo

|I did my makeup& and looking online I seen a big dick and it made me horny!!! So I took some time to bust a nice thick load I was jacking this dick and shaking my big ass all over my bathroom (I was dancing2 watchUNTILEND| VideotimeLength:8 minuets

Playing with My 9in Juicy BBDick 😘😘

|My 2nd solo video. This late night I need to bust a good nut and I knew my secret admirer would love to watch me jerk my big dick. I was so horny but I just wanted to cum but with no touching. He loves to see my sexy body in tight outfits he talked dirty to me while I Jacked my big dick and shook my fat juicy ass in this sexy black 1piece... Mt friend was behind the camera watching me the whole time!!| VideoTimelength:8 minutes

My 1st SoloVideo.! Thick All Over| Leave You Lusting For More😘

|In my room horny feeling sexy I love putting on sexy outfits and and being sexy and showing off my slutty skills! I brought a new 2way dildo toy and I wanted to see how much can fit it my throat and I love sucking on it so much I put It in my tight wet juicy asss it was hard to go in. (I wish you could help me put it deep inside me Daddy)my 1st Solo video.| VideoTimeLength10 minutes

Cake(Ass) to Waist Proportions!! BigBoy#2

|I Went over 2 his hotel room to give him some AMAZING SLOPPY TOPPY. I wrapped my juicy lips around his dick and sucked it slow and good while I shook this juicy booty for him he loved and admired my tiny waist and my round ass he keep teasing his raw dick in my hole I only let him in a little bit because it was feeling so good then he Nuted all over my round thick fat ass before he could get to go in😍💦(yes I love big boys| VideoTimeLength: 8 minutes


|I wanted to do this video for my big Guys. I don’t discriminate! I love ALL Men: My friend came over it’s hard for him to get in deep because my ass so big and he +size but we still try to make it work... I sucked His dick up & rode him on the couch and then on my floor..... we had to be a little quiet because my roommate was home.. cum shot at the end.| VideoTimeLength: 8 minutes

He Couldn’t Get Enough Of Me and my Big Dick(You can do it daddy)

|1 of my sexy chocolate followers hmu saying he wanted to see my big juicy thick ass and suck my dick and let me try and fuck him for the the first Time Ovcourse I let him come over I love turning guys out my home ggirl went in the bathroom (you’ll here her come out) she wanted some to I think, but I sucked his dick so good deepthroated his dick. He sucked me until I couldn’t take it anymore Then I fucked him with my bbd and he mad me cum everywhere.| VideoTimeLength:19minutes

My Big Juicy Lips and Wet Mouth I can do this All day and Night& Not get Tired

|Choclate thug came over and wanted to see my sexy ass suck and fuck his big dick in a sexy outfit.. I could not stop deepthroating this big dick I love you sucking a big long dick. I rode his long thick dick then he stroked this good booty until I tapped out sorry but he wore this good pussy out..| VideoTimeLength: 20 minutes